Stereoscopic Media

Research activity related to all forms of stereoscopic media

Ray Zone Research Provocation, A Spatial Web: The third dimension in Lev Kuleshov’s theory of montage

  ‘…the work of the film actor must be constructed with the distinction that the actor moves not along the surface of the screen, but in a three-dimensional space in the studio or outdoors.’ Lev […]

Mar, 17 · in Research Provocations

Bella Honess Roe Research Provocation, 3D Documentary: This Time it’s Really Real!

2011 saw the release of two 3D documentaries into art house theatres: Werner Herzog’s Herzog’s lyrical and awe-filled film about the prehistoric Chauvet cave paintings in France, Cave of Forgotten Dreams (pictured above) and Wim […]

Mar, 17 · in Research Provocations

Miriam Ross Research Provocation: Where is the Screen?

Stereoscopic cinema and new media ask us to consider the screen; not just the screen in the movie-theatre auditorium but also the hard-bodied screens of the computer monitor, television set and hand-held devices that all […]

Nov, 30

Bruce Isaacs Research Provocation: Technologies of New Experience, On Cinema, 3-D and the Imaginary

  Cinema’s history – the history of the medium that spans more than a century – is a curious conflation of the technological, the aesthetic, and the affective. Lumiére’s early images of life’s modernity were […]

Nov, 30

Leon Gurevitch Research Provocation: What is Stereoscopic Media?

  In 1838 Charles Wheatstone announced his invention of stereoscopy. Wheatstone’s stereoscope did not gain mass popular attention, however, and the story of its eventual market development is now well documented as one of the […]

Nov, 30



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