Stereoscopic Media


This article was updated on 13 Aug 2020, and is filed under Research Provocations.

Research Provocations


Our research provocations are a series of short, open ended idea pieces by stereoscopic media scholars. These provocations are musings and thoughts in progress, intended to spark response and debate. They ask for comments and questions in order to stimulate critical discussion in this field. We welcome further provocations and if you are interested in submitting your own, please get in touch via the contacts section.


The first five are online now and we look forward to producing more in the future

Ray Zone (Film Historian) A Spatial Web: The third dimension in Lev Kuleshov’s theory of montage

Dr. Bella Honess (University of Surrey) 3D Documentary: This Time it’s Really Real!

Dr. Leon Gurevitch (Victoria University of Wellington): What is stereoscopic media?

Dr. Bruce Isaacs (University of Sydney): Technologies of new experience, On cinema, 3-D and the imaginary

Dr. Miriam Ross (Victoria University of Wellington): Where is the screen?

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