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August 13 2020

We have two new research provocations:
One by Keziah Wallis and Miriam Ross on the spread of Indigenous VR with more information available on and via our article: Wallis, Keziah, and Miriam Ross. “Fourth VR: Indigenous Virtual Reality Practice.” Convergence, SAGE Publications Ltd, July 2020, p. 1354856520943083. SAGE Journals, doi:10.1177/1354856520943083.
One by Marty Norden on Lois Weber’s interest in stereoscopic filming technologies
There is also a new post on the front page highlighting online databases of stereoscopic images
Finally, the bibliography has also been updated with over a hundred items from new publications and historical items that have been uncovered, all through the tireless efforts of Rob Caley

September 24 2018

We have a new research provocation available on the role of sound in stereoscopic cinema from Christos Manolas and Sandra Pauletto.

July 26 2018

The Virtual Reality bibliography has been updated to try and capture new research published in the first half of 2018. If there is anything we have missed please let us know so that we can include it.

January 8 2018

Professor Ian Christie will be delivering a lecture on The 19th Century Craze for Stereoscopic Photography, 26 Feb 2018, 6pm at the Museum of London (also live streamed and to made available after the lecture)

December 21 2017

We have now added a new section on Virtual Reality to the bibliography, under the English Language section ( Although not all VR utilises stereoscopic systems, there is significant overlap to warrant a dedicated section on this topic. By its nature, VR attracts many multidisciplinary approaches but we have tried to maintain’s focus on publications that are based in or are relevant to the Humanities in the production of this bibliography. The list is by no means exhaustive so we welcome additional suggestions if there is anything we have overlooked. As ever, we are keen to publish short research provocations on topics relating to the focus of the website so we will be happy to consider those written about VR. Thanks to Dor Fadlon and Joseph Hendren for assisting in the compilation of this bibliography.

December 20 2017

A new journal is available: International Journal on Stereo and Immersive Media (IJSIM).

The first issue includes two invited papers by the leading researchers Nicholas Wade and Denis Pellerin, and four peer-reviewed regular papers by Carmen Pérez González, Hans-Joachim Maempel and Michael Horn, Hali Santamas and Ronit Ghosh. The table of contents of the current issue  can be found here:  online at

March 4 2016

Thanks to the ongoing help of Rob Caley we have a newly updated bibliography featuring a range of publications from David Brewster’s 1852 article on binocular vision to Carolyn Michelle, Charles H. Davis, Craig Hight and Ann L. Hardy’s study of The Hobbit’s hyperreality as well as an extended selection of French language publications.

September 25 2015

The people behind the International 3D Summit (one of the largest ongoing conferences on 3D, held in Belgium each year) have created the 3D Guild and are currently looking for members. More information can be found here

May 18 2015

We have just added some new content to the site. Dave Hare’s research provocation, information about current research presented at the SCMS conference and Miriam Ross’ new book publication. As ever, if you are interested in contributing to the site, please get in touch via the contact section at the bottom of the home page.

March 8 2015

Thanks to kind help from Esther Jacopin we have just updated the French language section of the bibliography to include more publications, including the PhD thesis by François Garnier, the 3D supervisor on Wim Wender’s Pina.

December 19 2014

Just in time for the holiday season we have an update to the bibliography (thanks to Rob Caley) which we hope includes all the new publications published in 2014. There has been some fascinating work done over the last year. It also looks like there is some really interesting scholarly work on stereoscopic media on the horizon so we’re looking forward to what 2015 brings.

November 6 2014

The 3D Film Festival in Los Angeles is coming up again in December with a focus this year on 3D, 4D and Virtual Reality

October 7 2014

Dr Kevin Fisher has expanded the research provocation he wrote for us on Cave of Forgotten Dreams. It is available as a full length (free to access) article here:

August 28 2014

We have just added a large amount of new publications to the bibliography including a new French and Italian language section. Many thanks to the ongoing help from Rob Caley and Italian language help from Paolo Parmeggiani.

February 20 2014

The Institute of Advanced Study and the Department of Film and Television Studies, University of Warwick are hosting The Digital in Depth:
An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Depth in Digital Media on Friday 30th May 2014. More info and a CFP here 

February 8 2014

Ravensbourne ( and the i3DS Society (,  calling for papers for the fourth annual international 3D Creative Summit. More information here

January 13 2014

Unfortunately a recent update to the site means that we have lost comments previously published under the research provocations pieces. We will do our best to recover these and apologise for any inconvenience caused by their loss.

October 24 2013

Convergence Journal has just published a special debate section on stereoscopic media. The full list of articles is available here and individual articles have been added to the bibliography.

October 10 2013

A new selection of research provocations from scholars working in the field of 3D research is now avaialable.

Ryan Pierson: A New Haptical Cinema

Kevin Fisher: The Ecstatic Gestalt in Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Jesko Jockenhövel Research Provocation: Digital 3D: Not one style, but many options

September 26 2013

The bibliography has been updated once again and now contains details of a significant spread of Humanities research into stereoscopic media in all forms. We are once again indebted to Rob Caley for uncovering many pieces. If you are aware of articles, chapters or books in the Humanities that we are missing please get in touch via the contact section at the bottom of the home page.

August 19 2013

We have just uploaded a new selection of research provocations from scholars working in the field of 3D research.

Leon Gurevitch: Virtual Final Reality? The Media Archaelogies of Immersive 3D and the Oculus Rift

Nick Jones: Negotiating 3D Style and 2D Continuity

Miriam Ross: Post-Production Conversions: The Ugly, the Bad and the Good

July 22 2013

New collection of journal articles on 3D media from top scholars in the field

The newest issue of the journal Public, 47: 3D Cinema and Beyond, is at
the printer! See the full table of contents and a preview on Public’s website

June 13 2013

3D: Yesterday and Today

Organized by: Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image, London, UK

On Thursday 13 June, a screening of two stereoscopic films by Zoe Beloff and on Friday 14 June, a day long symposium on 3D.

Full details here:

June 6 2013

Coming soon: 3D Bootcamp

22 – 26 July, Ravensbourne, London (funding for travel and accommodation is available).

Following the acclaimed 3D Creative Summit, Ravensbourne is now taking bookings for the 3D Bootcamp.

The 3D Bootcamp is a week long practical training course designed to provide filmmakers with extensive knowledge and skills in 3D Stereoscopic.

For more information:

May 11 2013

In September 2013 the World 3-D Film Expo III will be taking place.

They are screening a a special 60th Anniversary screening of the John Wayne western HONDO, followed by such treasures as a 1946 Russian adaptation of ROBINSON CRUSOE and a fascinating program of “European 3-D Cinema from 1935-1953” (including long-lost 3-D footage of the 1936 Berlin Olympics).  And yes – we’re finally showing the nuttiest 1980’s 3-D movie of all, JAWS 3-D in a new digital transfer!  (It’s worth noting that all of the above programs are only available in digital 3-D now – another reason to embrace the new technology.)

But for fans of classic 35 mm. double-system projection, there will be an incredible bonanza of one-of-a-kind prints of classics like KISS ME KATE, HOUSE OF WAX, REVENGE OF THE CREATURE and IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, all in their original dual-interlocked projector format with a silver screen and polarized glassesalongside gems like the World 3-D Premieres of the Korean War drama DRAGONFLY SQUADRON (one of the last unseen 3-D features from the classic Fifties era) and the long-lost short “COLLEGE CAPERS” (restored from the only surviving print in existence.)

More details:

April 12 2013

We have just uploaded a new selection of research provocations from top scholars working in the field of 3D research.

Scott Higgins Research Provocation: How does 3D tell stories?

Bruce Bennett Research Provocation, Unexpected cinematic journeys and ethnographic spectacle in contemporary 3D films

William Brown Research Provocation, 3D cinema is really a 4D cinema

Lisa Purse Research Provocation, Towards a (genuine) appreciation of Digital 3-D as a narrative form

Dec 6 2012

Ravensbourne and the i3DS Society, are calling for papers for the third international conference on stereoscopic film and television. The event takes place on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th March, 2013 at The British Film Institute, South Bank, London. More information here

Sep 11th, 2012:

In 2012 we have seen a wave of excellent new scholarship on stereoscopic media, particularly academic work getting up to speed on the continuing global spread of 3D films. Our bibliography section has references for this work and has been expanded to include some non-English language pieces. If you are aware of any resources that we have missed please get in touch via the Contact section at the bottom of the homepage.

Mar 18th, 2012:

New research provocations are now up. A Spatial Web: The third dimension in Lev Kuleshov’s theory of montage by Ray Zone and  3D Documentary: This Time it’s Really Real! by Bella Honess Roe.

Mar 17th, 2012:

The SCMS Conference in Boston starts on Wed 21st March and has around 12 papers on 3D media (perhaps the biggest academic offering outside a specialised  3D conference to date). Links to the speakers and the titles of their papers can be found on the SCMS website and in their published programme.

The 3D Storytelling Conference in London also starts on Thu 22nd March and has a research strand, including a virtual presentation by members of (Leon Gurevitch, Bruce Isaacs, Miriam Ross and Keith Johnston)

Nov 24th, 2011:

Dr. Miriam Ross, Dr. Leon Gurevitch, Dr. Bruce Isaacs and Dr. Keith Johnston have had their panel on 3D accepted for the SCMS conference in Boston, March 2012. The panel ‘Stereoscopic Media: 3D Images and Visual Culture’ will cover a range of research interests in stereoscopic media. We look forward to seeing other delegate at SCMS

Oct 9th, 2011:

The Stereoscopic Media website is now up and running. This is a project which is still under construction so we expect to significantly increase our content over the coming months. Please have a look around and get in touch via the Contact section if you have any comments about our work.

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