Stereoscopic Media

Research Provocations

  Our research provocations are a series of short, open ended idea pieces by stereoscopic media scholars. These provocations are musings and thoughts in progress, intended to spark response and debate. They ask for comments […]

Aug, 13

Marty Norden Research Provocation: Lois Weber’s Views on Stereoscopic Filmmaking

Lois Weber (1879-1939) was one of America’s most important and admired filmmakers during the 1910s and 20s. Well-known for creating films that explored pressing social issues, this highly influential director also harbored a deep interest […]

Aug, 13

Keziah Wallis and Miriam Ross Research Provocation: Fourth VR

Throughout the development of Virtual Reality (VR), Indigenous creatives have found ways to access, adapt and innovate VR technology. Our online database provides examples of this work. Building on the use of ‘Fourth Cinema’ to describe Indigenous […]

Aug, 13

Christos Manolas and Sandra Pauletto Research Provocation: Understanding the stereoscopic 3D cinema soundscape

Despite the resurgence of stereoscopic 3D cinema over the past decade, a relatively small number of movies are designed in such a way as to take full advantage of the technology. Additionally, even movies designed […]

Sep, 23

Dave Hare Research Provocation: Ticket’s Please!

Looking at the various accounts of stereoscopy’s history in the popular film industry, it is fair to say that the screen technology’s existence is typically framed as being tied to economic and industrial forces (Belton, […]

May, 18

Ryan Pierson Research Provocation: A New Haptical Cinema

Because scholarship has focused so intently on the addition of depth in 3D, there exists the widespread assumption that the 3D image demands a more embodied response by the spectator. Separating the image into different […]

Oct, 10

Kevin Fisher Research Provocation: The Ecstatic Gestalt in Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Barbara Klinger questions the critical celebration of Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams as the first non-gratuitous use of 3D: perfectly suited to revealing the interior of the cave and the naturalistic environment in which it […]

Oct, 10


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